Preventing White Clothes From Yellowing

Preventing White Clothes From Yellowing

White is among the few colours which can go with anything and make you sparkle in the crowd. You can never own too many white outfits, can you? Although white is a favourite amongst both men and women, it is a very delicate colour. Your white piece of clothing is prone to change colour and usually turns yellow over time. A white piece of garment requires more special care than the usual clothes. Don’t you wish to keep your beautiful white clothes looking bright and sparkling forever? Then fret not, because in this article we will educate you all about taking care of white clothes and how to save them from getting dull and yellow.

Nothing can stay new forever, not even your favourite white dress or shirt that has been hanging in your wardrobe for years. There are several reasons for the fading of the white colour into yellow. It can be anything right from improper washing to wearing too much deodorant.

Here are some of the most common reasons for yellowing of white clothes:

1) Frequent Wearing Without Proper Cleaning:

The most common mistake people make is wearing white clothes frequently without washing them properly on a regular basis. Clothes get stained easily but the stains are visibly more noticeable on white clothes. If you wear your white outfit more often then you should wash it after every wear to prevent it from turning yellow faster.

2) Uncleaned Yellow Stains:

It is inevitable to sweat while you are wearing a dress or a piece of upper garment. The sweat gets soaked up by white clothes and leaves stains which if not washed properly can cause yellowing around the underarm and collar area. Get your stained white dress and clothes cleaned by our affordable laundry service in Dubai to give your garments a shine like never before!

3) Whitening Agents:

Most clothing manufacturers use whitening agents to dye white clothes. The whitening agents decay over a period of time and may leave a yellow deposit on the white clothes making them look dull and old.

4) Use of Deodorants:

Deodorants are no doubt a lifesaver for every occasion but they are a big culprit in turning your white clothes yellow. The chemicals in deodorants get mixed with the sweat from our bodies and leave stains on white clothes. We advise people to use perfumes on the wrist, neck and avoid putting anything on your white dress.

To keep your clothes looking as good as new, you should consider getting them cleaned by On wheels Laundry, the best laundry service in Dubai. We suggest simple remedies that are very effective in preventing white clothes from turning yellowish with time.

Some of the common methods of preventing yellowing are as follows:

1) Give Your Whites the UV light:

UV rays are the best friend of white clothes! They help break the chemical bonds of stains and discolouration to give your clothes the shining white colour that you desire! Sun-drying white clothes on a bright, sunny day will help whiten your clothes faster. So skip the dryer and let the magic of the sun do wonders for your favourite piece of white clothing!

2) Baking Soda:

Baking soda along with its other useful applications acts as a whitening agent for clothes. After the usual wash with detergent, add 1 cup of baking soda to 4 litres of water to help get softer and brighter clothes. The mild antiseptic properties of baking soda also help prevent any microbial on the clothes.

3) Citrus & White Vinegar:

Citrus and white vinegar act as life savers in the cleaning industry. While they both are effective as natural whiteners, white vinegar also acts as a wonderful fabric softener. You can either use them separately or just mix 1/4th cup of lime juice, 1/2th cup of white vinegar and add these to warm water. Soak your clothes in this mixture for about 30 minutes before washing them and get the most soft and shiny-looking white clothes ever!

4) Pre-Soak the Clothes:

Pre-soaking clothes before washing them is a simple yet highly effective method to remove stains from them. Clothes accumulate dirt and stains which can turn the white clothes yellow if they are not washed properly. That is why it is recommended to always soak the clothes at least for 30 minutes before washing them with detergent.

5) Wash White Clothes Separately:

It is a basic rule of laundry to sort out the whites from other coloured clothes before doing laundry. You should always separately wash white clothes even if there are only a few of them. Segregate the white laundry from even cream-coloured clothes and wash them separately to prevent any accidental discolouration of your white garments!

If you wish to wash your laundry at home, then you should keep in mind the methods we suggested to avoid yellowing your precious piece of white clothing. In case you need a professional laundry and dry cleaner with the best laundry in Abu Dhabi then you should check out our website for remarkable laundry, dry cleaning, ironing and even altering services!

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